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Originally Posted by Dedoimedo View Post

Fire away ....

Welcome. We are glad to have you as part of the team, and as such we definitely won't shoot to kill. I have read your blog many times in the past, and would say as far as my memory serves, the Bodhi article is the first time I have disagreed with anything you wrote.

I have been using Bodhi for a while now on my netbook, and it has been one of my better experiences. It definitely fills a nice niche there. The fact that it is extremely minimalistic, and light weight in regards to system resources is why I like it. When I used to buy a new pre-built Windows system, I used to dislike all the "bloat" it came with. My first task was always to clean it all out. I feel much the same way about many of the current Linux distros packaged software choices. Bodhi may not be what someone would call a Desktop Power OS, but it shaping up to be an excellent Minimal Debian/Ubuntu OS that allows the user to decide how it is going to be used.

Anyway. It is good to see more and more activity in regards to Linux here on the site, and we are glad to have as many contributers as we can get.
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