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Hello all,

My first post here after lurking for a couple of years.

I have not yet fully decided how to take in the collective web reaction to my review. There's quite a bit of talk on reddit, some here, some on Jeff's own site.

There are several aspects to consider ...

Negative reactions to one's work:

If this were a major thing, one should never write or bother writing about bad things; only good things that make everyone happy, but what's the point of that? In general, the Linux community reaction to negative feedback is known as GNUkakke.

Personal attacks:

I guess they show the real character of whoever is involved.


Reviewing distributions take time and effort. And potentially, it allows smaller development teams to advertise their products on more popular sites, for free. In theory, my review could have been positive, and then it's five hours of work by Dedoimedo + associated bandwidth, given for free. Easily 300-400 dollars of effort on my end. For free.

In this regard, one should never go public with a product if they are not willing to accept the fact that someone MIGHT not like their stuff. Furthermore, I could have chosen to review Bodhi without any feedback from the developer, and then, there would not be even the mention of his courage to go forth with a bad review.

Personal, some more:

I did write in Jeff's blog that my review is nothing personal and does not invalidate his effort or ideas. I also wrote that I would link to his article, most likely today. That one comment was not published. Either it did not pass the spam filters or it was removed.

I still don't see why my review should be viewed as an affront. I don't know Jeff, never met him, and I have no reason to dislike what he does or represents. However, his binary code did not satisfy me as a reviewer, and I have every right to write about that, just as everyone else can write their own opinions any which way they want.

There's another side to this review, if anyone is interesting in seeing. That is the user experience which turned out to be bad. Whether I'm wrong or not is irrelevant. The fact is that I did not find the distro to be suitable for daily use. You can build on that and work on a better solution, you can ignore me, you do anything you find suitable. This is indeed the meaning of freedom.

The difference between your friends and enemies is that your friends will tell you the truth in your face. And I'm your friend, no matter how hard it is for you to believe that. Just like a loving parent spanking their child with a belt, it's a sign of love. Or maybe abuse. No, not abuse.

Lastly ...

I am not frightened or discouraged by anyone not liking my work. Especially considering what I view to be the "average" or "standard" compared to what a typical Linux user, if such a thing exists, might think.

Fire away ....

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