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I was very surprised when I read his review. I have often considered building my own distro from scratch because of all the programs that are pre-installed that I never use. I know a lot of people who do this. He obviously is completely oblivious (whether willfully or otherwise I don't know) about what minimalistic is.

And apparently it is your fault Jeff that Firefox 4 lacks all the bling bling he and "today's users" demand in a browser? I suppose Firefox's lack of bling bling is why it is so unpopular today? Does he use the same internet the rest of us do? Because last time I checked Firefox was the top browser.

One of the more off the wall things he said was..
Do you expect the average user to hunt for hundreds of missing programs and be able to tell the difference between Shutter, Shotwell, Openshot, and F-Spot?
I suppose everytime I switch to a new disto, I am expected to just move all my images over from the photo manager I am used to and use the one that the distro demis have willed for my life? I suppose just about everyone who had been using f-spot just started happily using shotwell because Ubuntu willed it so?

Maybe he would have had a point there if he was talking about brand new comers to linux. But he said "average user." And average users will automatically uninstall the pre-installed choices made for them, and install their own programs of choice. It is not pointless to have a distro without the choices made for you, THAT IS THE POINT. What would be pointless is if it was pretty much exactly like most of the other custom distos that everybody and their dog are putting out these days which change almost nothing, and offer little over something else that is already available.

I think your average linux user that is looking for a light weight minimalistic distro, would not give his review of it a second thought. It is not compelling in the least.

P.S. By the way my audio worked with out a problem. So did pretty much everything else. I found nothing that is "annoying."
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