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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
Whats the orange thing, I don't remember?
To quote Concerned User "The big orange "Firefox" button is not so good looking"

That orange thing. I called it a thing because it is just a big orange thing lurking in the top corner of my browser

I wonder what's going on with the plugin container at your end? No matter what i do i only have the one. A glitch maybe? Maybe the Status-4-Evar plugin didn't install exactly as it should for some reason. Up until yesterday i was running the portable FF4 b.12, so i downloaded the install version to see if i could duplicate your anomaly with the plugin containers, and i did initially have an issue that i had way back at the start of this thread, the issue being a red line right down the middle of the youtube video i was watching. For whatever reason it's gone away today, just as it did before, and i still don't know what caused it. Have you had any thing like that with yours Bo, or have any of you other guys?
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