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I installed it again today and like it even better than yesterday, specially
because did not see more than one Plugin container at the same time. I
think, somehow, that was caused by the status bar addon that I linked.
Actually I installed it twice today, the first time after installing the addon
I got a few containers showing up. In the evening with no status bar
addon installed, only one container showed up in my task manager.
I will be installing FF4 every day this next few days. I think I am going
to like it when the stable version comes out.
Every website that I go to, opened perfectly and quick. I like the silvery
color of the interface, specially since its on default not needing to have an
addon to have it. I like to be slim on addons so I dont change the
original theme to find something more of my liking even though its not
pleasant for my eyes to see colored items in the navigation toolbar.

@Concerned User, I am with you big guy, I am also old fahion and like
tabs on the bottom, not on top.

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