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Looks like Anupam and Taurus responded while I was still typing

I have just upgraded FF from 3.6.23 to 3.6.14. I uninstalled FF using Revo but virtually all my extensions are now unuseable. Attached is how my Add-ons window looks, notice how there are no icons for the majority of extensions.
I upgraded to Firefox on both my Windows and Linux systems and had no problems what so ever.
What appears to have caused the problem is using REVO to uninstall. Revo probably cleaned out the extensions from the following directory: Documents and settings/owner/application data/mozzila/firefox/profile/xxxx.default folder (xxxx.default) may vary its the folder located within the profile folder.

Just a note I have never had a problem allowing Firefox to perform its own upgrades. From time to time it may not support a particular axtension and you may have to wait until that extension is upgraded to work with the newer version of Firefox. As a precaution I will back up using mozback before a major upgrade like from 2 to 3.


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