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Hi greentree, first thing you should do is find out the name of the
Rogue/Fake anti virus that infected you, once you do that, you
might be able to find specific instructions on the proper way for
getting rid of it by using Google. Most likely Malwarebytes name
will come up since it is a very good program for detecting and
eliminating the type of virus that infected you. Normal Anti viruses
like Avira, Avast or any of them basically don't do nothing against
this kind of malware. If you are able to download the MBAM file
but can not run it, then change the name as it was suggested.
You might have to try different names in order to get it done. Do
this in safe mode. If you are not able to download the MBAM its
because the Fake anti virus is blocking the download. If that
happens, go the Malwarebytes forum and search for the instructions
to download MBAM with a random name, it should be easy to find.

Avoiding getting infected by something like this, its easy. Next time,
kill all of your browser processes, reboot and you should be OK.
Even better, start using Sandboxie every time you use your browser
and you ll play with the fake instead of the Fake playing with you.

Take care and good luck.

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