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Default Virus/spyware HELP

Hi, newbie to this forum.I have a question I could use some help with and hope I posted it in the right place.
My pc has been recently infected with some spyware or virus.I can use some of it's programs but not all.I have installed avira(free version) and been using it for a year or so but this virus was able to infect my pc anyway!
The virus will not let me open my avira,system restore,or any helpful programs.Yet I can use my explorer.
I downloaded superspyware but the program won't run;same as avira.
My background is infected with a spyware message and popups with the message,(you have been infected etc. click here to remove etc.) come up continuously.

Any suggestions how I can remove this;get my avira to override this infection?
Thanks for any help!!

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