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To make things clear I'm at the lower end of the novice scale when it comes to Linux. But I enjoy reading about various Linus distro's. From reading some of the reviews of Bodhi Linux I have found consistent admiration for this Distro.
A few things that stood out to me are:

The ability to configure the way you want your windows to look during the install process.

The very appealing aesthetics that Enlightenment brings to the OS are constantly mentioned.

The minimalistic nature of the initial install is favorably mentioned as something power user's (which I'm not one) will probably like and appreciate. I guess this can also be a way to customize you system without having allot of stuff (bloat) you will never use after the initial install

I found the list of reviews from DistroWatch very helpful and informative. As for me I will keep Bodhi on my short list of Distro's I want to try next.


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