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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
Hi garth, thanks for the advice. Potential problems like you mention is what has
kept me from installing Buffer Zone. I know it can not replace SBIE, thats why
I would not even try it with my browsers but maybe it can also corrupt other
programs if it creates problems like you had. Thanks garth, nice advice that
makes me think a little better.

Bo, I also agree with Garth. These 2 applications by their very nature should not be installed at the same time on a system. It is just common sense that they would clash. I have BZ only on XP because it is so light. It works well there. On my other 2 systems I use SBIE.

I think BZ is good for someone who wants to have their system hardened but is not interested in doing a lot of tweaking. The GUI is very straight forward and not at all complicated. When it cuts over to paid .. well it gets no more attention from us here at Gismo ... and it will be up to the individual user to determine if they want to continue to use it as a commercial application.

Give it a whirl while it is still freeware. I think it is worth checking out.
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