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Originally Posted by swaoamit View Post
I just uninstalled it because it is more system hungry than firefox on my PC.
I am pretty satisfied with K-meleon; It is least uses of system resources as far as I know.
For obvious reasons (stability, security etc.) you should consider upgrading your OS to SP3 and also upgrade your RAM if for "lightweight browser", it's a bit of personal experience, since Chrome seems lightweight since it has multiple "chrome.exe" processes running while firefox has one (actually 2 since "plugin-container.exe is also a firefox. The antivirus/antiwhatever software is going to make some difference about how quickly/slowly your browser can run (again dependent on your system resources)

To answer your question: if you are happy with one browser stick to it. There is no "lightweight browser" since each of our computer specifications and online experiences will vary. . (Apologies if this is a very blunt answer!).

Have you tried the portable versions/optimized versions of various browsers?

These are the links I can think of right now.

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