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Originally Posted by Jeff91 View Post
Typically I only push my power button when I want my system to shut down :P
Well on my Acer netbook, the button is not so well recessed, and when I carry it from one room to another in my right hand, the power button always ends up under the ball of my thumb. I have had the netbook for three years and I would say I have only accidentally pushed the power button that way twice or maybe three times, so it is not really that big of deal.

Did I mention I am very impressed with the boot speed? It is not as fast as moblin, meego, or xPud, but it is very close. 18 sec from grub to full desktop. Plus 4 or 5 seconds to connect to wireless. So easily less than 30 seconds and I can be browsing the net.

So sorry Peppermint, I think you have some very solid competition on the netbook side of things.
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