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I believe they keeping it free indefinitely. If you have it installed now it will
remain functional for at least a year, its not going to change. Anybody that
wants to install it now, it can.
Like you I like SBIE better so I have not installed it but I have read all
there is to read about it and it seems like a very nice program that its
easy to use and learn.
emmjay, I have not been able to find info about whether programs like FF
can be edited from the list of programs that will run in Buffer Zone automatically.
Can you tell me if I edit FF from that list, will this change remain after a reboot
or will it go back to the list. If I am able to take out my browsers completely
out of the Buffer Zone programs list, I would install it. Because of Sandboxie
I would never use Buffer Zone for my browsers but I can see benefits that
I can get out of using Buffer Zone. I just don't want to use it with browsers.
I ll appreciated if you can answer this for me.

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