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Originally Posted by Concerned User View Post
@ Garth: yup! plans seem to be overambitious? The haven't even got out Firefox 4 and they're talking about the next three versions
I think the reason they are planning on doing this is to try to "lock horns" a bit more with Google. See there is probably a bit of psychology involved. Chrome is at version 9 already and so is IE, making Firefox 4 sound dated. Trouble is, Chromes release cycle is quite short at about 8 weeks, and I think Firefox will be trying to play the version number catchup game for a long time.

Personally I think they should consider dropping the numbers anyway, because while single digits like Firefox 8 and 9 or maybe even doubles like 10 - 12 sound fine, throw in "-teen" to the mix and it begins to loose its appeal imho.

John: "I am using Firefox 32." Jane: "So what! I am using Google 46!"
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