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I think Hotmail is set to gain some ground again. I have used a hotmail account for years as my junk address, and moved to Gmail ever since I got my first "invite." In fact I got an invite to Gmail back when it was tough to come by them. Anyone up for guessing who sent me my first one? ....... It was Gizmo himself, and I have ever since been in his debt.

Anyway it has been the buzz the last few days that Hotmail has added a new feature where by you can create and use alias email addresses with your main account. Basically you can use them like "throw-away" email addresses. (Note: you can only create up to 5 per year, to a total of 15) I usually use for that purpose, and probably much of the time still will, but since hotmail will allow for a bit more control it will probably start using this new feature myself as well.

My guess is that this is a "double edged" sword since it will likely be use by spammers, and spam avoiders alike.

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