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Default Vista's Autoplay/Autorun not working

I am currently running Vista Home Premium, SP1. When I insert a CD/DVD or a Flash Drive, the Autoplay/Autorun has recently quite working, so I no longer get the prompt to open the folder, run the application, etc. It had been working until very recently, and I don't recall doing anything that would have caused the Autoplay/Autorun to stop working.

I have looked all through Microsoft's knowledge base, and followed all of the tips I could find there to restore the functionality of this feature in
Windows, but nothing works. These tips all involve the settings in the registry for the key entry of "NoDriveTypeAutoRun" found in both the HKLM and HKCU hives. Both locations show the default which should allow the Autoplay/Autorun to work.

I also set the Control Panel \ Autoplay settings to "Default", then reestablished them; restarting the computer between eash step. Nothing has worked.

Does anyone have anything else I could try, or check to get my Autoplay/Autorun to work properly?
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