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Default BufferZone Pro no longer free

BufferZone Pro was offered as a 1 yr free giveaway and Jan 30, 2011 was the last day it was supposed to be free. All licenses for the Pro version that were issued under this offering were supposed to have been retired a few days ago.

I have it installed on one of my 3 PCs and I noticed that it is still operational (XP system only). I opened FF and expected the red border to have disappeared, but it was still there.

The BZ forum have no announcements regarding the Pro version giveaway program having been extended or changed. Hmmmm maybe they are waiting to see how many people buy the product (that is they liked it and are willing to pay for it), before they pull the plug.

I must say that I though it was OK, though I do like SBIE a lot more. If they had have fixed the bookmark problem then I may have given them a thumbs up. However, with a full year to address this problem with no solution in sight, they have lost my interest. They never did provide a 64bit offering as far as I know.

Interesting to see what happens over the next few days.
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