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Default free pdf stamper?

Hi guys-

I think I have a tough one here. I am looking for a free pdf stamping tool.

My goal is to be able to be able to sign pdf documents without having to do through the pain of printing them out, signing them, scanning them back in, reassembling them into a multipage pdf, and then emailing back to the sender.

I have attempted to use Photoshop Elements (v1.0, lol) and GIMP to create digital copies in various file formats (jpg, png, tif), but I'm having issues with the transparent background inserting itself into the pdf properly.

Another work around is to take a screenshot of the pdf to open in GIMP, and insert the signature in that manner. This is doable, but still pretty much a pain in the butt.

Apparently, the answer to this problem is to use a stamping tool, that allows you to upload your image, and "stamps" it into the appropriate location w/the appropriate transparency -- in other words, still being able to see the line underneath the signature. However, usually pdf applications that come with this tool are costly. Right now I use PDF X-Change Viewer to view and edit pdfs, and pdfSam to assemble/reorganize pdfs. The former does have this feature, but NOT in the free version

Does anyone know of a freeware version of this feature that stands alone, or can integrate into either of these programs?

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