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Originally Posted by bibzgi View Post

It would be nice to hear feedback from TSA members who live in India and China on this topic.

Maybe Anupam can shed some light on the Indian situation for us?

I keep having the same feelings about Windows 7 after a while, usually brought on by the fact that the English translation pack doesn't prevent some stuff still being churned out in Portuguese. This mainly centers around security program log files which I then have to translate which is a real pain. Consequently, my dual boot now has a good 'ol English version of XP on it together with Mint. Apart from testing I rarely use Windows now and with a fresh install I can set up and customize Mint in less than an hour, including the time it takes to copy my main stuff back across from an external drive. With windows, just installing, configuring and updating the security apps is likely to take this amount of time, without anything else.
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