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Thumbs up You normally have to PAY for such good advice ...

Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Try this then. Without pulling each others hair out ask your mom if over the next week she can just make a note of the things you do which concern her and why. You should also make similar notes about what your mom says to you and why you think these might be over controlling. Then, next weekend you can sit down together and try to find some common ground. Try to avoid making comparisons with the parental relationships enjoyed by your friends because....

a) your circumstances won't ever be exactly the same as someone elses, and
b) often what your friends tell you won't be 100% accurate

Some parents are over protective and some kids underestimate their current abilities to deal with the world. This same issue has been around for generations but we all manage to live through it
I wish I had such good advice when I was 13 ....

I'm 54 now and I turned out pretty good (I think) despite lack of good advice.

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