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What you describe is just a trick site. You were not in the danger you supposed you were in.

I bet it looked something like this?

This was just a scare tactic site. It is all just an in browser animation, which tries to get you to download programs to fix the problems. If someone falls for the scam and downloads and installs the tool they end up getting a fake or rogue antivirus, and malware.

What is funny is I have run across those sites while using the internet in Linux, and of course the website that loads in the browser still looks like Windows. That is the whole idea though. Many people think that somehow what is being shown to them is really their computer, when in reality it is just a cleverly designed webpage.

There is nothing to worry about unless you download and install the "fix." Since it is not an active exploit of a browser flaw, you are not in any danger no matter what browser you are using, because it is just a trick. Opera did not prevent this any more than any other browser would have.

Read more about it here and here is another example
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