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Default Opera the safest browser!

I’ve been using Opera as my main browser since 9.5 or something close to that. I’m using 11.X now and it continues to impress me. While I was at work yesterday my wife was looking at some clip art sites looking for a Logo I needed for a project when something hit, it immediately took the tab and put a “Security Center” title to the tab and showed a “My Computer” window with all these red flashing warnings under each disc, folder and optical drive with all kinds of numbers and spyware and virus and rootkit names for the infections in them. There were dreading thoughts going through my mind when I heard those words on the phone while still at work and being unable to do anything about it. There were also boxes to click to get help to remove these “problems”. The first thing I said was do not click any of them, shut off the modem and I would look at as soon as I got home. I also told her to move the mouse every hour or so to keep the computer from hibernating, I was thinking a restart even from hibernation might cause more trouble than I could handle.

When I got home it was down into the basement to see if I could muck my way along and not cause more things to get worse. First thing I did was open a new tab without closing the problem tab. Next I opened Ccleaner ran it and deleted all the temp files there. Revo was next going to tools and track cleaning and deleting there also, at that point I closed the bad tab and then the browser, turned the modem back on and hoped for the best. On making it’s connection nothing happened, a good sign. Opened MBAM and updated ran a quickie nothing found, did the same with SAS again nothing. Finally avast still nothing felt really great. Ate some supper then ran complete scans with all and still clean. At that point I knew a bullet had been dodged big time and told my wife as much.

Thinking about Opera with it’s new AVG security it made a difference, kept the malware from latching right on to the computer and giving me a big headache instead of the little time I spent running scans to find out it was clean, makes me glad my wife wasn’t on IE when this happened like she usually is!

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