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Digging in deep is the best way to learn. Yes it comes with its price, because you will most certainly mess something up, but it is worth it.

I remember playing with some compiz transparency settings once and managed to make every window, every menu, & every panel go transparent all at the same time. i.e. I could see and do nothing to fix it because there was nothing to see. I was forced to go to the command line and uninstall compiz. This was one of my first adventures into using the "Teletype" Terminals. (ctrl+alt+F1) I am still unclear exactly why there are six of them F1 - F6. (In case you decide to see what happens when you press those key combinations, know that ctrl+alt+F7 is the one you need to get you back in the GUI.) Later I discovered I could have just stopped compiz and adjusted its configuration rather that uninstalling and reinstalling, but I learned something interesting, that has come in very useful since then.
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