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I tried to give a sensible answer to this, it's a hot question and always will be. But you need to remember that it's just from the perspective of a user, I'm not a PC systems expert, unlike some of the guys here.

It's interesting how the app I use rebuilds the registry with user input, it's an old one, maybe that method has gone out of favour or something. I'd include some screenshots but it's not installed at the moment, lately I just image the drive and strip it down regularly instead of tweaking, it seems less hassle and certainly more trouble-free. I'm happy to use it on others' machines though, it's proved safe enough for me. The harder they have been used, the more benefit there seemed to be - but it takes time to run and a lot of effort.

It seems easier to image the drive and wipe it at intervals - or look at other areas where I think you will get a whole lot more benefit with an average machine, such as increasing the pagefile size and homogenising it, and managing the MFT zone properly by reducing its size correctly and defragging / homogenising it. I reckon you'd see more benefits by doing that. But you need a good disk manager app & defrag app to do those jobs.

Also it's amazing how inaccurately most defrag tools dislplay the disk state. Obviously Windows native defragger is the worst of all, but you may not appreciate just how inaccurate that is until you get something like VoptXP, which gives by far the best disk view I've ever seen. Lots of pros and cons to that one, as per usual of course, not least the fact that it's commercial.

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