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Thank you

Thanks Chris.p for the most comprehensive explanation I have ever seen on this subject.

I agree with you and Peter. I also can see how software companies have made a killing selling products like registry cleaners and fixers to the public.

My knowledge of what the registry does is limited.

Is the registry something like a table of contents or index for installed software that Windows uses to find and load files? IE: exacutables and Dll's? (took over the job of the sys.ini)

Once programs are uninstalled, allot of these registry entries still remain. I have also read and agree that these left over registry entries do little to no harm if just left there.

I at some point can imagine how these orphan entries can accumulate over time (especially if your a download junkie like myself). It would seem that the process of Windows finding its way through all the junk in order to correctly function would effect the speed. (I have read those debates). I am sort of a neat freak and prefer order over chaos.

So far so good. I have cut down on the frequency of registry maintenance and always, always back up the registry before any action. Additionaly I also automatically run Erunt during every startup.

Thanks again guys


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