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I used to be a very gung-ho registry cleaning and registry defragging type person. At one point, I probably had 5 or 6 programs for this, or even more. I've pretty much tried them all. I've changed significantly my stance over the past year or so. I consider myself fairly competent about knowing what to clean and what not to clean and I'm pretty anal about registry backups. But, too many times I have seen registry cleaners mess up my system. I've never found registry defraggers to do much of anything.

Do I still occasionally use a registry cleaner? Yea, I do. But, it's very limited and I'm extremely careful what I clean. Like I said, I've tried them all. There are 3 right now that I stick with: EasyCleaner, RegScrubXP, and the last free version of Jv16 Powertools. Do I accept everything they find and say "clean all"? NEVER! Do I delete references to old executable files that I've deleted? Yep. Do I delete temporary files or references to them? Yep. But, not much more than that. By the way, all 3 of the above have the ability to undo what you do.
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