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Originally Posted by Jeff91 View Post
Printers are cheap because the companies make their money on the ink.

As far as Linux and printers goes, I've never had any issues with HP printers on my Linux systems.
HP printers seemed to have a good reputation for working with Linux. I also installed HPLIP which makes me feel right at home with my printer.
With my old Lexmark X1185 All-In-One printer I had no choice but to boot into Widows to print.

Its great to have someone like you thats has good working knowledge of Linux at this forum. We have some good experience already helping out like Jojo and Ritho and others but as more and more of us windows users cross over to Linux there are times our resident experts get stretched thin. So newbies like me, welcome all the help we can get.

Anyway I will be looking forward to leaning more about the Bohdi distribution. I like most everyone else just want a hassle free OS that allows us to cast off the shackles of Windows.

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