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Originally Posted by garth View Post
So, i'm beta testing Firefox 4 and will give my impressions

Firstly, i've not beta tested anything before, but i have used Firefox for quite a long time now so am very familiar with it, as are most of us here i expect. In fact, Firefox is the only browser i use (apart from the horror that is IE, and only then if there is no choice) so i can't give any comparisons to other browsers.

First up.
Downloaded and installed with no issues with a file size of just over 11mb.

What i wasn't expecting was instant compatibility with all my addons bar one....KeyScrambler, but no doubt this will be rectified once this comes of of beta testing, and all will be well.

The addons it did install are as follows: AdblockPlus, BetterPrivacy, NoScript and WOT. It also happily imported my gloss black theme and i gotta say, it looks really very nice. Stunning in fact. I'll come back to that.

Without further ado, i'll get to the bit i know you want to long to start up? This thing is smoking fast, i kid you not. I didn't time it because i didn't need to.

Like i said, this browser looks seriously good, and so clean. It's actually displaying my theme better, and i mean way better than it was before. I'll attach a screen shot later. It's definitely instantly among the best looking freeware i've seen, but i expect that counts for nothing if it doesn't work properly and falls down a lot. I am going to give it some serious hammer over the next couple of days and update this as i go but so far it seems to render pages faster than before and i haven't been anywhere near about:config yet. Possibly it may have imported my settings but i will find out later. If about:config has reverted to the default then there is a lot more to come from this browser yet.

to be continued.
I was also playing around with the beta and it seems to look good. I'm waiting for addons like secure login to get updated to the new version..
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