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I am glad I am taking a little time to decide. Printing while using Linux is a big hurdle for me and will allow me to be even less dependent on Windows. Jojoyee's link was a good start. I then found the forum very helpful. From reading various reviews. Its a mixed bag and by far most reviews come from those using a Windows environment. It seems Linux and printer compatibility is not always straight forward or easy.

From what I am reading. There are 3 printers that are starting to stand out.
Canon,Epson and HP

There are several factors to consider. Cost's, Compatibility, Ink cartridges and Quality.
It's up to the individual to decide whats most important to them.

First and foremost I don't do allot of printing 4 or 5 pages a week. So I cant justify paying for a top end printer. I already have a quality photo printer and I don't use it much and it doesn't need computer.

As for compatibility. Hp gets pretty good marks in this area. Canon and Epson also do well.

Ink cartridges are also a issue. They all seem to be expensive. Contrary to my opening thread. HP now lags in this area. Canon and Epson do better.
For ease of refilling. Canon seems to get high marks. HP can be refilled without great difficulty and Epson appears to be the most difficult.

As for quality Canon and Epson seem to come out on top. However most printers will produce enough quality in black and white which will allow me to use it for documents at home and work.

I'm leaning towards the HP because I think it will do best for my needs. I will be sure to pass on my experience, good or bad.


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