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Originally Posted by Ritho View Post
To keep this in perspective, don't forget you are trying to run software designed to run on one OS on another OS. Try running Linux software on Windows sometime. It can be done in various ways, but it is just as problematic.
Yes I know. If I don't have anything to complain about I'm not happy
I guess I'm being unrealistic in ways but I really would like to give windows the heave ho. I just can't at this point. Sometimes I get a kick out of the challenge in making things work. Other times I would like to have something work without going through extremes and since I'm no Linux wiz things can get a bit overwhelming. I do have to admit though Wine is really amazing in what it does.
If I remember correctly I saw something about software (not Free) that claims to run most windows software in Linux and its not virtual software.
All in all I can say Linux has come a long way since first trying it a couple of years ago.

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