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Originally Posted by jim View Post
I ran it for some time (days or a week or two, can't remember). Didn't like the menus at the top, prefer the current ones. The killer for me (for now anyway) is that I couldn't use Roboform, so had to keep going back to IE and wasn't sure if I could run Ff 3.6 as well as 4, so gave up and went back to 3.6. I may try it again when final version released. I didn't find any difference in speed.
It's weird sometimes how two people can have completely different experiences with the same software. My initial observation of the startup speed is now now tempered by the fact that it started up not sandboxed, but even sandboxed it is opening faster, but not as fast as first appeared. Apart from that i'm liking it a lot. I have a definite increase in page rendering speed, and i like the way the menus are. What i don't like is that the bookmarks thing is on the other side, and the little box that pops up when you go to bookmark a site is nearly in the middle. For quite some time now i've been wishing that the box that pops up would open somewhere near the add bookmark thing. That's just annoying
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