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This is just a guess, but after looking closer at your screenshot, I really think that Furius ISO is not mounting the iso the way the program in wine or wine itself is expecting. I think that the iso should be mounted in such a way as to appear in /media directory. I think gISOmount may do that. If not then I found this at WineHQ....
First, put the CD in! If you've already installed it, great. If not, go do that. Then, do this on the command line:
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=~/BroodWar.iso

To mount this image of the CD:
sudo mkdir /media/iso0
sudo mount -o loop ~/BroodWar.iso /media/iso0

Using winecfg, add a new drive that points to /media/iso0, and give it the type CD-ROM. Finally, run StarCraft.exe in your program files and you're done! Whenever you want to mount it again, just do:
sudo mount -o loop ~/BroodWar.iso /media/iso0

When you're done and don't feel like keeping it mounted, just do:
sudo umount /media/iso0

If you have any issues still with StarCraft complaining about no CD being inserted, make sure the iso mount point you made is configured as a CD-ROM device in winecfg, and make sure you have already mounted it first!
All of the above may be totally unecessary however since Blissard released a patch to allow you to play the game without the CD being in the drive. You can find the patch here And information/instructions how to use Starcraft without the CD here (See notes under 1.15.2)
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