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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
Thanks for the fast Response Ritho. But as Anupam pointed out I was referring to CD Emulating software for Linux Ubuntu 10.10. I have had partial success by getting CIVII to operate correctly but I cant the rest to work. When I tried to load Starcraft (broodwar)
I get a Cant find the CD drive error. If I have the CD loaded in the bay it works fine. Every ISO I have works great in Windows XP using drive emulators.

LOL! Sorry. I guess I need to work on my reading comprehension. I totally missed that line where you mentioned Ubuntu.

So let's try this again. There is "gISOmount" it is available for install in the software center. Usage is quite straightforward. What you are trying to do should work.

I hope i'm doing something wrong and that this is not another Linux shortcoming
This would not be so much a Linux shortcoming as a Wine shortcoming. I have run across times when Wine balks at one game cd while it works fine with others. (e.g. Age of Mythology -- Mine works to a point to install, then suddenly decides it can no longer access it.)
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