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Yes, I thought I read somewhere that the WOT script didn't work as well in Opera 11, and I got rid of 10. I'll stick with the new version now. Although as mrpink pointed out it's not much good if you use links from one page to another, same goes for the search engine but I can live with it for now.

I've noticed a few disgruntled Opera users airing their views about going with extensions etc. Some people develop such a fierce allegiance to browsers, I once considered posting a few questions / issues in the Opera users forum but they get terribly defensive about it all sometimes so I didn't bother. I can't get that worked up about it, I just want browsers to work.

But I am prepared to tweak them a bit, get them set how I want, and I've always found Opera to be quite easy to configure to my liking without having to go ferreting about in the bowels of the thing. Haven't ever really been much of an add ons freak either but I've found myself using a few of them in the new Opera. I like them, and I've started using Opera mail a bit more. It's starting to get more of a browser suite feel to it, where as before I only used it for viewing a few sites that I need to and a bit of general browsing.

But I think they need to look at other browsers and focus on developing the add ons that help make them so popular, only then will they start to entice the masses to try it and marketing the browser will become so much easier.
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