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I agree with both your sentiments deya and mrpink. Opera have stated recently that Opera 11 was a big nudge towards the masses, and trying to make it easier and simpler for the less technically minded. This has upset a few hardcore Opera users, but I for one can only admire the Opera teams determination, insight, and courage to go with this. As for the two types of Opera users that are maybe being discussed on this forum, ie the less technically minded (the masses) and the very technically proficient of which Opera has many followers and users IMO, I would place myself somewhere in the middle on a very good day, and on a bad day just one of the masses who likes nothing more better than simplicity. That said I have tried all the leading browsers and I think they all have there strong points apart from the older versions of IE, the new IE9 Beta appears to be much improved. But I just really enjoy using Opera and it has been my default browser now for many years, and I see no reason why that would change. As for the WOT script mrpink, what a BRILLIANT piece of work by the creator and you are correct what you say it works great on Opera 10. But I had decided to wait patiently for the new WOT extension for Opera 11 and had made up my mind not to try the script on any of the alpha or beta releases, this I have not changed my mind about. deya thank you very much for the heads up on duckduckgo and the link. I have now added it to my speed-dial searches and made it my default search engine works great. Will continue with this method until WOT extension is released for Opera, which am sure will not be too long, no doubt WOT want to get it perfect before release. Sorry for going on and on and on. HAPPY DAYS.
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