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Originally Posted by mrpink View Post
I haven't used the beta version, but for the last couple of days i'm using
the portable v.10.63 and all i can say is that it's love at first sight (well actually
second, tried it in the past and was not impressed). Easily can become
my main browser because of its speed and appearance mostly (and Vivek, there's no way FF is as fast as Chrome and Opera).
The lack of addons doesn't really bother me because all that i need is a
descent adblocker and WOT, and Opera has them both.
lol..saw my name so dropped in again to comment
ff4 is not stable yet but it is fast
r u talking about the difference in speed in milliseconds ?
coz on my pc i dont find much difference in loading pages...only the start up time of browsers are different

and for me addons are very much needed ... coz i have more than 25 addons :P
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