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Originally Posted by torresmagnifico View Post
Have now ditched Zorin due to the aforementioned lack of wireless connectivity and installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my LT; at least it does what it says on the can!

Shame that Zorin fell down on something so basic as a driver.

Yeah, the drivers thing seems to be very much hit and miss. I did get a response on their forum from the developer who suggested another route into the setup wizard but this isn't the problem. I can complete the wizard from even the tray icon which recognizes Claro and sets up the account details, trouble is the available devices stays mute. Zorin still sees my modem as a standard flash drive.

My cable connection has been on and off about ten times today so now thanks to Zorin I'm having to run between machines where my Claro modem is now plugged in to Ubuntu I can live with this as an occasional thing but if I can't get this sorted properly with Zorin will have to reinstall Ubuntu on this one too.
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