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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
Yup, most of the recent chatter on their website appears to revolve around them being nominated for, and receiving awards!
I wonder if their corporate CSI software shares the same bugs as the free version?
I didn't know there was a "Bug Award" a developer would be looking forward to receiving and feeling proud about it
Jokes aside, if the CSI software shares the same bugs as PSI, I guess the support answers and effort is much differrent .

Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
But, not many people must be noticing it(like I didn't), so maybe they are not paying much attention towards this. But still, once you find out about this bug, its irritating.
Most people seem to find the Windows Explorer and IE sounds annoying and turn them off, so it becomes impossible to notice the bug. I prefer to leave them on, as an effortless way of verifying my sounds proper working.

What can I say? My only comfort is that I don't run PSI that often.
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