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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Normally, with Thunderbird and its "Thunderbird indicator 1.1" extension installed the Ubuntu mail notification envelope turns green on receipt of new messages. With the FaenzaWolfe theme installed this envelope icon merely changes to another shade of silver which doesn't stand out at all.
Faenza Wolfe icons are beautiful in shade of silver, that's the reason for the bright silver for envelope icon with new message. But I think you can change it to green.

The envelope icon with the new message indicator-messages-new.png which is silver should be located at your_user_name\.icons\FaenzaWolfe\status\22.

You can go to \usr\share\icons\Humanity\status\22
Look for this icon indicator-messages-new.svg which is green and in svg format, double click it and save as indicator-messages-new.png (i.e. in png format).

Replace the above silver icon with this green icon, then change to other icon theme and back to Faenza Wolfe icon theme, you should be able to see the envelope now turns to green. It works for me.

On another issue, is anyone else experiencing sloow page rendering with Ubuntu?
So far ok to me. Not experiencing slooow () page rendering with Ubuntu.
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