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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post

Just a question. Which firewall would anyone suggest "gufw" or "firestarter"? Same question for AV's. Avast or BitDefender. With Avast it seems to be a on demand scanner only . With BitDefender, it has a drop zone, but again its appears to be a on demand scanner.
I know linux is inherently safe. However its not 100% immune either.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Firestarter has more "action" in that you can see the logs in real time instead of having to delve into the system files but mostly where I read folks recommend gufw because unlike Firestarter it is still supported.

I adore the BitDefender GUI which is a revelation considering what you normally get with Linux but it only has value if you think you might be passing on bad stuff to Windows users. As of course this could still be you via a dual boot or shared network then in this context it is useful
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