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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
Noted the same. It currently has about 8 pages to go through. Some are guides for using Ubuntu, some are more related to installation of useful free apps.

Could be better if it has an index table in a single page to show all titles without the need to browse through all pages to get them. Or have I missed out something? Nevertheless it's resourceful for reference.
I have installed applications that never worked on my Simply Mepis platform. For instance I can now use TeamViewer from Ubuntu. This allows me to help others I know directly from their system. It also allows me to check up on my rascally 12 year old son

Just a question. Which firewall would anyone suggest "gufw" or "firestarter"? Same question for AV's. Avast or BitDefender. With Avast it seems to be a on demand scanner only . With BitDefender, it has a drop zone, but again its appears to be a on demand scanner.
I know linux is inherently safe. However its not 100% immune either.

Any thoughts on the matter?

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