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Originally Posted by garth View Post
So out of interest, if you had to assign both Ubuntu 10.10 and MS Windows marks out of ten, what would their respective scores be for:

Ease of use.
Resource usage.
Annoyance factor.
Incidentally I've purged a lot of my old screenshots hence the missing files in some posts. Didn't seem much point filling up the site with old pics of the same thing only different if you get my drift?

Well, I have to say that for me Ubuntu 10.10 is the first real alternative to Windows I've used from an ease of use perspective. PCLinuxOS also loads enough for many folks out of the box without having to delve into the depths of the terminal Ubuntu takes this a stage further though with their Software Center. The install process is a little protracted because to get the best from it you need to install any updates needed during this process but even so it's all automatic and quite entertaining (slide show)

After installation and without needing much additional effort I was completing all my site work, playing movies, listening to streaming radio and watching live online footy.

For ease of use though Windows still takes the crown but only if you're the sort of person who must have everything with one click and can't be bothered to read a couple of forum posts.

Resource use is a no-boner. Windows 7 on this machine which is dual core with 4G used twice as much of everything as Ubuntu.

Stability is something I had a problem with in previous version of Ubuntu but these were mostly network related because at that time I was not near a cable system and relied on wireless broadband which Ubuntu had a few issues handling. Now, not only have these disappeared but it recognizes my modem when I plug it in and sets the connection automatically. I can now just swap over when my cable ISP goes down which is often. Overall this version seems rock solid.

Annoyance factor is also a no contest. One of the reasons I made the change was to escape the delights of Windows security software, or rather the need for it. Now I have zilch except for the built in firewall. No AV, no sandboxes, no other virtualized "please save me from the latest threats" environments and no worries!

The best thing about Ubuntu of course is that if you find one issue more to your liking than another then you can stick with it in the sure knowledge that in six months time another one will be along
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