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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
I believe Jojoyee is the residential expert with Ubuntu and so you may want to wait for her advice.
Jojo is actually a "him" and has probably forgotten more about Linux than I will ever learn so yes he would be a good reference source

My previous encounter with Ubuntu started off well enough too and the problems only began developing after about two weeks use. I had a specific wireless modem recognition problem in that the (then) new Network manager would not always keep the connection but that now looks to be fixed big time Not only do you not have to script this thing any more to work, it actually set it up automatically when I plugged it in As yet though I haven't checked to see if it is actually connecting because my cable is 100% at the moment and I don't want to risk messing anything up. As soon as this goes down which is bound to happen at some point this week (LOL) then I'll switch over to the wireless and see what happens. This was a specific problem to me and therefore only affecting anyone else unlucky enough to have a SonyEriccson MD300 (Claro) modem.

The other issues I experienced were loss of settings and stability for Screenlets and program freezes including browser and OpenOffice. I guess I will need to run this installation for a month in order to see if the same scenario is likely to repeat itself. This has been a general issue with more than one Ubuntu distro as you will see reported in other places.

I also notice that it uses way more CPU than PCLinuxOS but still a lot less then Windows 7. My memory use for instance is between 8-10% with either Linux whereas this was nearer 30% with Windows 7. The pile of security apps needed for W7 would account for some of this, but not all.

Overall of the two, I really did like the KDE PCLinuxOS but the one noticeable thing for me was that the sound quality/volume was not as good as Ubuntu.
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