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A few folks here will remember my foray into Linux with Ubuntu which was thwarted by an unreliable association between the Network Manager in 9.10 and my broadband modem

Since acquiring cable though all things are now possible and after a frustrating month with problems caused by all sorts of Windows security apps I decided to have another look. My cable connection in itself is not trouble free but I've retained one Windows set up to use the wireless with if necessary.

I've always liked PCLinuxOS so this was a natural choice. I also liked Mepis but neither 8.0 or 8.5 would recognize my new monitor's resolution so they went in the bin.

Right from the install I found PCL easy to work with although my past experience was with Gnome so some of the KDE differences have caused the odd bit of head scratching. Immediately after install it also updated another 265MB of something which I believe was the KDE version upgrade.

I was amazed how everything worked straight out of the box. No problems with sound, FLV, fonts, streaming radio and other things like I experienced when first moving to Ubuntu.

I haven't worked out how to configure sensors yet because this appears to be different to Ubuntu and I'm not yet understanding the differences in terminal operation. No doubt this will come when I have the time to look at it properly. I also found the KDE desktop settings extremely difficult to navigate but this is a minor issue. More disappointing was that Cairo dock does not work without leaving a huge black box behind it and despite finding several threads about this around the web I'm no nearer to if a solution is even possible, let alone how to go about achieving it
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