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Symantec Workspace Virtualization SWV 6.2.1562.
There is a later version but it has problems and the download has been withdrawn by Symantec.

To download:

Go to THIS website.

Click on: Infrastructure Operations.

Go down to: Workspace Virtualization.

Click on: Trialware.

You then need to follow the instructions, agree to the EULA, register an account.

Details do not need to be your own but all necessary sections must be filled.

When you get to the download page click on the top download, 28MB.

According to Symantec this software is free for personal use to everybody.

You get an evaluation License Key with the download, which again according to Symantec is without limit for personal use.

Although I have not tried it the free SVS license key which is available on the Symantec site may also work as SWV is considered as an upgrade to SVS 2.1 which is still available, also free for personal use.
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