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I would spend some time using cameyo-ed programs before starting to rely on them like that. But in theory it would work.

In another thread here where cameyo was mentioned I mentioned using the Altiris product that used to be called Software Virtualization Solution or Altiris SVS. Altiris has since been bought by Symatec and the product has been renamed Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV)

I used SVS in the way you are proposing to use cameyo. Almost everything would install just fine in it with no trouble. You could export the virtualized programs and import them later if you reinstalled windows. All registry entries, special program services, etc. where captured in the install layer and kept the base system running clean and free. It totally prevented registry rot and other problems associated with installing and uninstalling programs. So no your idea is not silly and is totally possible, since big corporations use program virtualization all the time.

I would recommend this product over cameyo simply because it has been developed for years and is a very stable commercial product that was offered free for personal use.

If you are running xp and maybe vista you can still get SVS personal license for free from symantec here.

I have heard that it is possible to get a free license of the new product from Symantec as well, but they make it hard to find. You can start on its trail here if you are interested.

If decide to go this route and you do manage to find how to get a free personal license for SWV let us know.
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