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My thinking is that I might as well get used to using v2.0 (that is if I want to continue using PSI long term) as eventually the older version will become obsolete in any case. I'm not a fan of PSI but I do appreciate it's benefits when it comes to easily identifying security vulnerabilities on a machine.

The impression I get of Secunia, having experienced a few glitches, and posted a few times on their forum , is that they appear to show little interest in user involvement. I don't know, maybe it's just a time and resources thing? Most other freeware developers seem to be grateful for bug reports in my experience. After all, if your program is messing with peoples computers, surely you would want to fix it asap to maintain user confidence, not to mention keep the criticism and complaints down!

I may visit their forum later to add my comments on this, but unless the topic builds up significant momentum I'm beginning to doubt they will take much notice.
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