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Ok, I know I said I wouldn't be trying the v2.0 beta any time soon, but I've been updating a relatives PC (XP SP3) and I couldn't resist.
So here are my initial thoughts/findings.

- You are asked to select if you want to use the auto update feature during the install process which is nice.

- I found scanning to be significantly quicker.

- IMO the new interface is more cluttered and confusing that the old one, and less intuitive to use.
It has changed considerably though the meaningless graphs remain although the pie chart has gone!

- The option to choose between a simple or advanced interface has been removed.

- Gone are the tabs across the top to easily select "insecure", "end-of-life" or "patched" programs.
Basically the scan results list shows all programs detected with the insecure ones moved to the top of the list.
The "secure browsing" info is not offered as default, but can be accessed by selecting it from the settings menu.

- I chose not to try out the automatic update feature.

- Oh, and last but not least, THE SOUND BUG IS STILL THERE!

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