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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
Can't the thread be actually closed, as I think, there's a close button if appropriate?
Yes, we can close the thread, but we cannot go searching for all old threads, and close them. I am sorry I did not make myself clear enough in the earlier post. I did not mean that replies should not be posted on all old threads, at all. I meant that it should be seen, before posting, if posting a reply would be helpful/meaningful, or not.

Since, this is an year old thread, and that too about a problem, which the member had... its sure that his problem must have been solved by now(even if he has not posted a reply here), or he must not be interested in the problem, or the solution, anymore. Therefore, it won't be much good posting a reply here, or bringing it forward.

That was what I meant by my post.
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