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Default Finally succeeded

I did as Ritho suggested and rebooted Windows in safe mode. And instead of logging into my user account, I used the real Admin. account.

This permitted completely uninstalling Auslogics Disk Defrag (ADD) and Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM), neither of which are going to be reinstalled on this system; not the present versions anyway. It's been too much trouble getting these uninstalled.

If I had time to lose with testing reinstalls of these two apps to see if this would happen correctly, then it'd be done, but I don't have more time for these apps. And with the amount of time already invested to finally get these uninstalled, the vendors should [give] me full purchase versions for FREE.

So I'm not thankful for this experience. Darn right I'm not.

Anyway, the way that EAM was uninstalled was by trying to do a reinstall over the original install, hoping this'd work, which it didn't fully do. It "bombed out" at or near the end, giving an error message saying that there was already an installation; but it worked enough that the three uninstaller files, the .exe, .msg and .dat files, were created or re-created and running the .exe worked. That left only two files in the original installation directory.

ADD had mostly uninstalled when running the uninstall logged into my user account without having booted in Windows safe mode, but the uninstall had left several files in the installation directory and these included the uninstall .exe file. I ran that uninstaller as Admin. in Windows safe mode and only an empty install folder was left behind.

The left-over files and folders were easily deletable.

So now it's only a question of what's left over in the Windows registry, but that will be cleaned up later.

Success, at last!

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